King David

David is the elven king of Engineer Planet (Planet 4).

David is a good shiny boy and can do no wrong. He’s beautiful and immortal and has a wall
of scrolls just like every elf does. He sings in front of bronze mirrors, enjoys playing his
flute to cast spells, and has a room full of nature paintings. He has the ability to bewitch
xenomorphs (as shown with the white xenomorph) using his elven beauty and grace to gain her trust.
A fine display of his elven abilities. His long blonde hair resembles a common trait among elves
(like Legolas). David is obsessed with the mortality of basal creatures and is indifferent to
the suffering of human beings. He also frequently quotes romantic poets. It is important to take
note on how maternal he is towards xenomorphs in his adoration and care for them. Without fail
he gazes at them like a mother watching her child graduate from high school. He wants nothing but
the best for his children he raised into such great beings.

“…dire necropolis…”